Recreational Risk
Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk
Review by Ross Anthony

A very creative title sequence bursts with surround sound into a contrastingly boring graphic and history lesson regarding da Vinci's parachute blueprint. (Actually, da Vinci and his ideas are awesome, but the presentation of them here is rather unimpressive -- especially after that adrenaline rushing title sequence). Soon enough though, a load of sky divers drop from a plane -- wahoo! And to further the discussion of the science of adrenaline an aside is introduced: 5-year-old Charlie's first day at school. Conversely, while this idea sounds rather dull, the filmmakers execute it rather well, good believable drama and an emotional freeze frame.

Yes, the production spends some time discussing the biology of adrenaline in the human body & de Vinci, but the bread and butter falls from the sky with cameras mounted!

"Some people run from danger -- others run to it!"

"Recreational Risk is a human trait, no other animal puts its life in danger for fun."

Base jumpers leap from cliffs, sky divers dance artfully around a lead-filled tennis ball, and finally, a couple of experienced thrill seekers construct da Vinci's parachute for the first time in history. They drop the diver with it from a hot air balloon and the experiment proves successful - da Vinci was right! But, anti-climatically, the diver cuts himself from the pyramid-like parachute and uses his conventional-style parachute to land safely. An explanation for this and information regarding the rest of da Vinci's parachute on that dive are noticeably absent.

Still, good action, a tremendous score, and interesting subject matter. I had a fun time!

  • Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk. Copyright © 2002.
  • Writer/Director Marc Fafard.
  • DP Peter Degerfeldt and Goran Widenby, Blue Sky AB.
  • Produced at Sky High Ent.


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