Andy Walo Group
Review by Ross Anthony

I'm was tired and overworked, but on my way home from the grocery store, I happened to hear some live music, I walked over to the local grill and there in my own neighborhood -- Andy Walo and Group. I love good live music. I've seen some fine acts lately, even here in the Pasadena area. But, this guy, this guy wasn't interested in providing me high quality live rock/blues. This guy, was connect to the music Gods. Heck, he musta takin' his quarter inch phone jack and plugged that thing right into the universal flow of music. He wasn't damn good, he was special. I felt privileged to witness him enjoying the heck out his guitar and the night. Backed by a solid bass player and a drummer who slung his head backwards, rolled his eyes up so that only the whites shown as he beat up those skins with heart and soul. Very appropriately, he was tuned in or out, or whatever. Both of those guys were off in space and we were witnessing them like lightening or Bigfoot or or ... somethin' worth not missin'.

Thank you, Andy for that kind of inspiration, for reminding me to make my life like you make music.

Andy Walo Group Info Hotline: 323-550-4760

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