"Starting from Scratch"
Angel Eyes
Review by Ross Anthony

He almost dies in an auto accident, she saves him. A year later, she almost dies in the line of duty, he saves her. They fall in love, bringing their baggage with them. "Angel Eyes" is a romantic comedy that tends to its baggage.

The film progresses slowly -- deliberately and carefully introducing us to the main characters: Sharon, a tough city cop, and Catch, the man whose life she saved. Such detailed attention to characters above action is reminiscent of M. Night Shyamalan's work on "Sixth Sense." Catch in his black cape, stumbling around darkened streets performing the most modest of altruistic deeds - nearly picks up where "Unbreakable" left off. And Jim Caviezel plays this sweet, yet spooky character well as he starts his life from scratch. Here the film shines. Caviezel also does an excellent job in last year's "Frequency" - a better picture.

Though "Angel Eyes" has its heart in the right place, off-center humor, and a magnificent first half; things descend languidly from there. As they say, once these two fall in love -- the mystery is gone.

Up or down, the film compels, sporting high caliber dialogue and direction, until twenty minutes before the end. There the production takes such an abrupt change in pace and style, that it feels as if both screenwriter and director were replaced. This is where the picture really loses points wrapping up with a deflating climax that fails to pay off.

BTW: I'm not sure why this film is rated R, it's fairly tame. Also, Terrence Howard has a notable performance as J.LO's partner (he's also good in "The Best Man").

  • Angel Eyes. Copyright © 2001. Rated R.
  • Starring Jennifer Lopez, Jim Caviezel, Terrence Howard, Sonia Braga, Jeremy Sisto, Victor Argo.
  • Directed by Luis Mandoki.
  • Written by Gerald DiPego.
  • Produced by Mark Canton, Elie Samaha at Franchise/Morgan Creek/Canton/WB.


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