Double "0" Behave
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Review by Ross Anthony

Tired of the sophomoric humor Virgin Inc. has been pumping into their Austin Powers/ Virgin Airlines radio ads, I expected the same from this film. Fortunately, my fears of a buck-toothed drooling grin ra-ta-tatting juvenile "Shag-isms" the entire length of a feature film were ill-conceived. Now, that doesn't mean that Austin Powers is my hero or that he refrained completely from driving his "Shaguar." It does mean that I didn't hate the picture. In fact, "The Spy Who Shagged Me" is a strong "B" film for any adult with an open-minded funny bone and probably a laugh-a-minute-riot cult film for high school freshmen.

If you haven't figured it out yet ... "Shag" is euphemistic British slang for making love. The writers miss no opportunity for making copulation puns, going so far as fastening two large spheres (fuel tanks?) to the base of Dr. Evil's Rocket Ship. Get the point?

Austin Powers (Mike Myers) is a James Bond spoof frozen in '69 and thawed out in the nineties. In this episode, he must again stop the sinister dolt, Dr. Evil (also Mike Myers) from destroying the planet. Dr. Evil, planning to zap Washington D.C. with a "laser" based on the moon, fears foiling from agent Powers. In hopes of diffusing our hero, Dr. Evil sends a cohort back in time to steal Austin's "Mojo" (you know, his life force, suave, charisma, the essence of his mystique). The Mojo-less Powers whimpers, "I used to be so virile, now I'm nothing."

Like "Laugh in" or "Hee-Haw" almost charming in its relentless silliness, "Shagged" sports 2 or 3 genuinely hilarious sequences which bump it up from a "B" to a "B+." First, a tent-shadow scene in which lover, Felicity Shagwell, appears to be emptying Powers' bowels of everything from explosives to a sporting equipment. Secondly, there's a stream of quick cuts connecting the sentences of unrelated characters trying to find just the right word to describe the phallic image of Dr. Evil's Rocket in the sky. Also, you'll no doubt enjoy the cameos of good-humored celeb's.

Powers' famous catch phrases ("Oh, Behave" etc.) were plainly unfunny, but "Shagged" had plenty other foolish jokes to tell. Overall, actor Mike Myers did an absolutely smashing job with this light-weight script while playing three roles to boot. Lastly, great costuming and makeup on his third character deserve mention as do the props far exceeding those of Dr. Who. (Btw, If you stay till the end of the credits, there's a little something -- a very little something.)

Starring Mike Myers and Heather Graham. Directed by Jay Roach. Written by Mike Myers and Michael McCullers. Produced by Suzanne Todd, Jennifer Todd, Demi Moore, and Eric McLeod at Newline/Eric's Boy/Moving Pictures/Team Todd.

Bart Simpson's Grade...........A+

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