Gentleness in a Hard Place
Review by Ross Anthony

(Note: This review is based on a VHS/TV screening.)

Sweet and slow like Majidi's earlier "Children of Heaven" (which I loved), but not quite as compelling.

Amidst a backdrop of dust and construction, a selfish Iranian tea boy scoffs with Afghan refugee workers. However, when he sees the truth behind the latest (adolescent) hire, his attitude and social behavior take a sharp turn for the better.

Though the gentle build and heart of the film beat strongly through the first half, the second half struggles to find anything new or substantial to carry the story along. Shot in almost a gray montage, still Majidi captures some sweet image moments.

Click here for Interview with Majidi.

  • Baran. Copyright © 2001. Rated R.
  • Starring ossein Abedini, Mohammad Amir Naji, Zahra Bahrami.
  • Written & Directed by Majid Majidi. Miramax.


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