Ross Anthony's "The Beach" Revision Notes
Review by Ross Anthony

Ross Anthony's Revision Notes:

Warning: Ending Revealed (turn back now if you don't want to know!).

I'd have written a different ending, but if I was going to use theirs, I'd not have Richard be seen by the gunmen, I'd not have a gunman fall in his trap - what exactly did that add to the film? It would be more menacing if the gunman missed it. Richard tries to help the girl with the map, after hissing at her (I liked that part). I'd have him grab their stupid map and burnt it. And then during the suffocation scene - it would take a long time to sufficate a person - wouldn' it? I'd insert slow-mo shots of the gunman shooting up the foreigners party hut. That would intensify the drama of the snuff. The way it was filmed treats this killing just like a loose end that needed to be tied up. It also was a bit out of character. Richard had done no courageously unselfish act prior -- all were selfish. Also, what was with that computer email thing at the end?

My ending:
The girl w/ map gets shot in the arm and/or leg, Richard snatches her from the searching gunman. Hide's with her until the gunman go raid the party ... He swims back to Koh Pangon with her, and we are left guessing as to the beachers. Richard cries on the raft and colapses on top of the uncouncious woman, has another Daffy dream in which he tells that whacko to f' off! In the dark another raft bumps theirs - it's the French couple with Costo. (Is that too corny?) Come to think of it, I'd also not have had Richard's map be the reason for the downfall. I'd have liked to see a different group of equally naïve travelers find the beach, but by other means - maybe another map, maybe they watched Sal go back and forth. But it would have brought a wider reality to the conflict.

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