Skating on Thin Ice
Blades of Glory
Review by Ross Anthony

The trailers for this looked really bad. How could a flick about two male skaters be good? It's a valid question. But with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) sliding across the set -- I decided to give it a try. Thankfully, these guys are so funny it almost doesn't matter how much thin ice surrounds them. And make no mistake, this film has little else going for it save for its leads.

The special effects are somewhat shaky, but enough to get by on. They'll sell you a skating routine between two comics. It's really these on-ice routines that give the film its heart and stability (however minimal). Still, to see these two men begin their dance -- you'll smile and cheer them on.

Cameos of skating world celebs abound, Scott Hamilton commentates. Nancy Kerrigan even makes an appearance. The humor is almost “open-minded” family friendly, but goes outrageous twice, dipping deep into lewd, rude, distasteful. Ultimately, it's a film of scenes, some funny, some not. In the end that balance ought be a flat out B, but there were a handful of scenes that were so funny that they tied me in knots – so, for those, we'll bump that grade just barely up to a B+.

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  • Blades of Glory. Copyright © 2007.
  • Starring Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Wil Arnett, Amy Poehler, Jenna Fischer, Bill Fischer, Craig T. Nelson, Romany Malco, Nick Swardson.
  • Directed by Josh Gordon, Will Speck.
  • Screenplay by Jeff Cox, Craig Cox, John Altschuler, Dave Krinsky.
  • Produced by Ben Stiller, Stuart Cornfeld, John Jacobs at Redhour/First Ent/DreamWorks.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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