Blind Spot
Hitler's Secretary
Review by Ross Anthony

Initially, such a documentary sounds at once suspect, controversial, and yet, inescapably curious. Hence, I attended the screening with my interest peaked. Unfortunately, this "feature" is really a video deposition of a sharp senior German lady recalling some profound moments in her girlhood history.

Of course, viewers would hope that those moments would translate into profound insights into world history. But they do not. Other than her personal allure to the charismatic Hitler, we learn very little, Frau Junge's experience also falls short of eyewitness to his suicide and even his remains.

Traudl Junge tells her story as Hitler's secretary in the last days of his life, bunkered eleven yards under concrete in Berlin. Interesting and apparently sincere, were I flipping through channels one unremarkable evening and stumbled across "Blind Spot," I may have better appreciated its viewing on the tube.

Btw, "Blind Spot" refers to her quote: "We thought we were at the source of information, but really we were in the blind spot."

In the film she appears to have been more moved by her "brush with greatness" (after all, he was the most powerful man in the country and she was a naïve young woman) than her "brush with evil." Though the reckoning of the two does cause her pause. Still, while her eloquence and pride are admirable, she seems more impressed with Hitler's charisma than disgusted with his barbarism.

About the filmmaker: As a Jew, Andre Heller's family was directly affected by the Holocaust. Several of his relatives were murdered at Aushcitz. His father had been a resistance fighter in Vienna and an ardent anti-Nazi organizer. Soon after completing his interviews with Frau Junge, Heller admitted, 'I had not realized how deeply this theme was going to affect me and pull me down. It really takes a hold of you and won't let go." Heller has said in interviews with journalists that he can no longer watch "Blind Spot."

  • Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary. Copyright © 2003.
  • In German with English Subtitles.
  • Featuring Traudl Junge.
  • Interiew y Andre Heller.
  • Produced by Danny Krausz, Kurt Stocker at Dor Film.


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