Fighting for Independents: Stepping into dog short
A Blue Solution
Review by Ross Anthony

Reviewed at the Angelciti Film Festival, Feb. 2001

"A Blue Solution" is a dog's eye view of death role. Shot from Rover's height, you're the living being who's been abandoned and caged awaiting either salvation or a needle full of a lethal blue solution. The initial ten minutes play fresh and alive. I feel like the dog. But the scenes of captivation, especially those where I can hear the dog's human thoughts don't work quite as well, because I thought I was the dog! I want to have my own thoughts! Surely a greater challenge, perhaps filming those segments using doggie-flashbacks to convey the same expository messages would result in greater payoff. Still a well-conceived and constructed short, definite talent shown in writer/director, acting wavers, some decent, bearded doctor is good. The use of human limbs for the dog also added little, as the film puts us in the driver's seat and we are humans.

  • A Blue Solution. Copyright © 2001. Shot on video.
  • Directed by Joseph Hill.
  • Written by Jason Degroot.
  • Starring Wayne Webb, Matt Schmoll, Jason Degroot, Justin L. Helmer, Diane Vrolsen.
  • DP: Mickey Uzendoski
  • Produced by Matthew M Welters at Soop Productions (c)2001
  • For More Info:

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