Review by Ross Anthony

I was invited to screen this film, but the synopsis didnít attract me. Promo clips popped all over TV, but I didnít find them funny. The comedian Sacha Baron Cohen gave interviews, but I was not engaged. Still, the buzz around this movie wouldnít go away. And with all the film reviewers seemingly giddy with praise for this production, I decided to see it at my local theater Ė if only to provide my readers with a different perspective. I went with an open mind, though a definite expectation to find it rather unfunny.

To my surprise Ė I laughed Ė a lot. Yes, itís obscene at times, rude, vulgar, politically incorrect, yes Ė but also very funny. Further, I was surprised that it actually works as a film. I mean, as a tale of this eccentric TV personality from Kazakhstan who travels to the US to better understand its culture, it sort of works. Of course, the plot is an excuse to poke fun at Americans (actually, at anyone in camera shot). And thatís about all most people would expect from a film like this Ė but it actually works as a story. Borat comes to the States for business, but ends up with a more intimate mission -- one that challenges his friendship with his TV partner and brings him to his knees in pain. Itís both ridiculous and at the same time, engaging, dare I say dramatically. Thatís impressive. Iím not saying ďItís a Wonderful LifeĒ has anything to worry about. But, I am saying, you wonít just get a disjointed series of silly skits Ė youíll get a little story that works and is even somewhat sweet. Youíve got to hand it to a guy who can make jokes at the expense of others and yet still gain audience sympathy.

That said, he certainly deserves to be sued. I hope everyone in the picture gets some cash, too. Because, if in fact, Sacha and Co. mislead these people in order to poke fun of them, well thatís not nice Ė and apparently, maybe not legal Ė I donít know. But, from a human point of view, the more you screw over people who trust you, the more people will be afraid to trust others. And the more people are afraid to trust in general, the more cold you make the world on the whole. Iím not in favor of a cold world. And while I openly admit the film is funny, Iím much more interested in a warm world where people watch out to help each other. Thatís why, Iím recommending two things: 1) See the movie and laugh. 2) Go out and do something very sweet for someone you donít even know Ė to balance things out. Oh, and pay especially close attention to make sure that you are a trustable person yourself. Enjoy the day!

This film screened at The Rialto: a Landmark Theatre.

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  • Starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Pamela Anderson, Ken Davitian.
  • Directed by Larry Charles.
  • Screenplay by Sacha Baron Cohen, Anthony Hines, Peter Baynham, Don Mazer.
  • Produced by Sacha Baron Cohen, Jay Roach at 20th Century Fox/One America/Everyman.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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