Cat Writers' Association, Inc.
CWA Annual Conference 2012
Review by Ross Anthony

What makes these people so friendly? Is it their cats? Or are writers, by nature, a more congenial bunch? As a writer myself, I'm going to say it's the cats. But, that's just a guess. The best way to research this is to find someone without a pet, hook them up with a rescue cat, and then see if they enjoy an increase in the quality and quantity of friendships. Okay, that's not so scientific, but at the end of the day one more happy cat. Now back to the conference in addition to the warm greetings, the conference offered a host of great seminars. New writers were enlightened to the advantages and disadvantages of P.O.D vs. Indie Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing. An agent and a publisher manned and womanned the microphones, updating attendees regarding their expectations in queries & submissions while answering a plethora of questions ranging from book buyers' needs to the publisher's perspective. Panels of editors and professional insiders assembled for a variety of pet-oriented publications, again fielding a healthy litter of questions with a wealth of answers. Full registration earned goers a one-on-one with one of these professionals. My favorite seminar? Author Amy Shojai's inspirational talk on publishing to Amazon via Kindle. She had more information and hands-on experience than could fit in the time allotted, so the discussion spilled out into the break time. All in all, friendly, informative, and inexpensive as conferences go.

Full disclosure, I'm a writer and cat lover.

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