Horse Whispering
Review by Ross Anthony

A simply gorgeous show. From set design, to music, to seating, this is a production that entertains its audiences.

Artistic acrobatic dances drape from the dark rooftop like able spiders, then spin amidst circling horses like butterflies. Their beauty will stir your heart and give your stomach a few butterflies of its own. Back flipping gymnasts bounce about the sand and atop the backs of the stately steeds. Their fun and fluidity will keep a smile on your face. And trainer Frederic Pignon walks softly with the big horses cajoling side steps, bows and even kisses from the large animals.

But what really brings down the house is the house itself. Massive with several regal peaks, the tent is white on the outside, night blue inside. The portable seating pitches from the stage to the back canvas wall at about 40 degrees (angle that is the temperature was as youd expect in any indoor production). I loved that the seating is on one side only and not obstructed by pillars or cables. Of course, Id vote for a tad steeper pitch, but as is, every seat will give you a pretty good view of this magnificent stage show. Speaking of the stage, its dynamic, functional and beautiful. Taking full advantage of projected art, scenery changes often from trees to clouds to Roman archways. Its a setting that gives you all four seasons complete with sun, actual rain, actual snow (or snow-like flakes) and actual falling leaves (or at least paper autumn leaves). The snow took my breath away, I felt like I was in a snow globe with these powerful gentle dancing actors.

Drawbacks? As a horse layperson, I think I was missing some of the finer points of the subtler, slower horse moments. Hence, I felt they went a tad long. Especially, the mirror damsel-on-a-horse act. That could have been cut in half. That said, I enjoyed the ghost horse projected on the water spray. Thats it. Overall, this is simply a sweet, majestic, aesthetically stirring production. Go see it.

This review based on the January 14, 2006, Irvine, California presentation.

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  • Cavalia. Copyright © 2007.
  • President and Artistec Director: Normand Latourelle.
  • Equestrian Co-Directors: Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado.

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