Every Family has a Video Camera
The Celebration
Review by Ross Anthony

Gritty, grainy, shot with available light and a video camera -- so it looks like your family videos. Although, I do hope this isn't your family.

And no doubt, directed a heck of a lot better than your videos. Vinterberg (director) whips his little vid cam around like it's taped to the remote control toy car from a "Home Alone" film.

The story follows Christian, a full grown man with childhood issues yet to resolve, as he changes the tone of this family celebration.

"The Celebration" showcases excellent acting, a great screenplay, and new innovative cinematography that is exciting and exhausting at the same time.

Directed and co-written by: Thomas Vinterberg (Vinterberg is a member of a collective of film directors (Dogme 95) who oppose the auteur concept, make-up, illusions and dramaturgical predictability; letting 'the inner lives of the characters justify the plot.')
In Danish with English subtitles.


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