Fighting for Independents: A Modern Tragedy
Review by Ross Anthony

Reviewed at the Angelciti Film Festival, Feb. 2001

This production is shot well, edited well, but at my particular screening the 16mm looked a bit in soft focus and the sound, muddy.

Overall "Consequence" shows off some strong acting talent, scripting and direction; though as a tragedy, the story did little for me.

Two rich brothers from Egypt are studying in the US. Fadi, the emotional musician, enjoys his drugs and women and pays off other students to take care of his homework. Squeaky clean Hani attends to his studies with unwavering attention, gives money to bums, and blindly believes his brother takes his own final exams. Both brothers are likable on screen and the chemistry between them very good. But, because they are so extremely polarized, they become less personal, more cartoony. Fadi, we don't become emotionally attached to, and though we care about Hani, the writer insults us each time Hani falls for Fadi's lies. The hokie "happy" music that plays during initial scenes of Hani is way over the top. Give this guy at least one fault - or don't have him fall for Fadi's lies (he's known Fadi all his life!).

Eventually, Hani begins to court a prostitute who overlaps into Fadi's gun-toting underworld. The scenes with Hani and prostitute are strong and endearing. Jocelyn Don Deville graces this independent with steadfast acting - she sparkles. Marc Casabani and Daston Kalili occasionally muddle, but have obvious talent. Fine acting by those with lesser roles as well - this director works well with his cast.

A few good lines stick out, here's one, "It's easy to seduce a girl when you're paying a hundred an hour for her." And, "As long as he doesn't block my parking space - that's enough accomplishment."

As for the prostitute's family ... mostly a stereotype too, but Raul is interesting. He's a strong actor with a worthwhile internal conflict. Btw, Fadi's confrontation with the racist neighbor is fantastic.

Though the ending is tight, all the characters that are buttheads are free to be buttheads, while ALL those with any promise get screwed. I don't prefer this kind of ending ... I need at least one good guy still standing.

  • Consequence. Copyright © 2001.
  • Director/Producer: Samer Al-Asadi (c) 1999
  • Screenwriter: Kevin Coldiron
  • Cinematographer: Tony Garcia
  • Cast: Marc Casabani, Daston Kalili, Jocelyn Don Deville.
  • For more info:

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