Blood Work
Courting Vampires
Review by Ross Anthony

Wonderfully innovative set design; file drawers are both functional and double as gravestones. I also enjoyed the usage of video projection with a mesh in front of the screen to give depth to the images. Sweet audio and costume design as well. And the Boston Court space is gorgeous: snug, yet not small, very welcoming, crisp, professional, open.

But the play itself unfortunately leaves much to be desired (foremost, a point). I couldn't discern a theme. The writing felt snarky, wordy, words for word's sake. Where was the passion for the message? The characters were surfacey and unreal. I didn't empathize. The performances did nothing to endear me. Save for Bo Foxworth as the multi-purpose male. There was something in his performances that made him more real, more sympathetic, vulnerable, despite the often cartoony characterizations. The only scenes I enjoyed where the ones with the Rill and Gill working side by side. There was only one line in the play that actually moved me: "The young one only screams and the other one won't." Nice line, cut across the surface into a depth I'd been missing.

The young sister is suppose to endear with her zest for life, but her irresponsibility makes her a little annoying. The older supposedly harbors a hidden hurt, violent enough to boil into rage. Never saw the rage. Only knew it was there because the script told me so.

Also, since the script so wholeheartedly structures itself around an imagined courtroom defense scheme, the absence of a final judgment for the defendant leaves the play feeling all the more unconstructed and with a patched on ending.

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  • Courting Vampires. Copyright © 2009.
  • May 17, 2009 performance at Theater at Boston Court in Pasadena, CA. Starring Bo Foxworth, Maya Lawson, Carey Peters. Directed by Jessica Kubzansky. Written by Laura Schellhardt.

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