Giving & Receiving
Dear Santa
Review by Ross Anthony

Sweet and uplifting stories of giving and receiving fill this uneven, yet charming documentary. At a time in history when people seem so passionately divided, this film is a great reminder for the heart. Humans really do have the capacity to share.

The opening drive intro and the exiting ramp outro are luscious slices of chocolate cake. They are shot and especially edited beautifully. The filmmakers intentionally set them at a pace that finds the beat of your heart and elevates it.

That said, the meat and potatoes (or should I say ham and fruitcake) of this production are served up several steps short of that initial dancing pace. The content is still heartwarming, but the flow and richness of filmmaking wane. Each of the stories of Surrogate Santa's gifting are populated with lovable and genuine givers and receivers, however the tales settle for a more conventional telling. Loved the awe created from that magnificent beginning, but I got a bit antsy during the bulk.

At the end of the day, Iím glad I watched this. And I suppose the USPO could use some positive PR. So, if youíve forgotten where you put your jolly, pop open a carton of eggnog and stream this charming documentary.

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  • Dear Santa. Copyright © 2020.
  • Directed by Dana Nachman. IFC Films.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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