Table Manners
The Dining Room
Review by Ross Anthony

What a pleasure! This simple static set (an antique table and chairs) makes for a great pedestal upon which a dynamic cast brings to life a smart script with spot-on pace.

The play sets out to paint a portrait of an upper-middle class America in its prime (a few miscellaneous decades in the 20th century). Conversations and the actors to voice them slip into the dining room like breezes through window curtains, sit for a time, maybe share a meal, then wisp out like the ghosts of family past. As vignettes, they overlap eerily, then hand off the table warmly, but unknowingly to the next set of relatives and lovers to tell its own story, and paint some more of the portrait of an American time. Absolutely elegantly blocked.

I highly recommend it! Engaging from beginning to end, my only complaint is that I wanted it to go on longer. The Promenade Playhouse has a cozy, intimate atmosphere. The seating is comfortable and pleasantly pitched for a good view. Of course, the Third Street Promenade makes for great pre (or post) play entertainment. Just down the block, the Monsoon Restaurant makes tasty Hamachi Hoppers.

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  • The Dining Room. Copyright © 2012.
  • Review based on the Saturday January 28th performance at the Promenade Playhouse, Santa Monica, California. Written by A.R. Gurney. Directed by Natalia Lazarus. Cast: Paul Magaletta, Edgardo Gonzalez, Ryan Boone, Rose Desena, Zahra Zaveri, Clyde Ft Small, Hayley Brown, Kraig Dane, Catherine Curtis, Oriko Ikeda, Danette Garrelts, Tom Malee.

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