Special Big Screen Concerts Event
The DCI Classic Countdown -- Drum Corps
Review by Ross Anthony

Drum Corps fans pick the top 12 performances of all time for this Special Big Screen Concerts event.

Having really enjoyed the film Drumline, I looked forward to catching the digital broadcast of Drum Corps at my neighborhood Edwards Theatre. This was not a film. It was not an ordinary movie going experience -- it wasn't live, but it felt live. Since attendees were full of enthusiasm and cheering right along with the crowds in the broadcast -- you get that feeling of being there. For more information on these theatre/broadcasts and to see if a theatre near you offers them check out nationalcinemedia.com (ncm.com or bigscreenbocoffice.com).

As for Drum Corps, three hours of brass, drumming and dancing uninterrupted by a football game can get pretty hypnotic. At first I thought the sound was a little loud, but it was certainly pristine, perfect, clear sound. That contrasted the less than impressive visuals. Footage went back to the 70's and 80's, prior to HD and better tech cameras. But even the 21st century image quality was a bit lacking, perhaps a limitation of digital broadcast. I don't know, I'll have to see more of these to compare. Even so, the great audio goes a long way toward making up for this. The impressive synchronization of the marchers, sometimes bordered on psychedelic. It's quite gorgeous and in an odd way, reminiscent of music software visuals.

This "event" was quite refreshing after the last film I'd seen -- United 93. And a great example of how beautiful things can be if we all just work together. It's a celebration of cooperation and that little bit of music and dance in all of us seeking expression. I look forward to the next special Big Screen Concerts event.

For more information about these special events got to bigscreenconcerts.com

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  • The DCI Classic Countdown The Ultimate Drum Corps Cinema Showdown. Copyright © 2006.
  • Screened at the Alhambra Edwards Ren 14 on April 27th, 2006

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