Million Dollar Baja
Dust to Glory
Review by Ross Anthony

Here's an interesting comparison: "Dust to Glory" and "Million Dollar Baby."

What might these two films have in common? Sure they're both sports films, and while one is a theatric feature and the other a documentary, they share a common theme: "Dig both hands deep into your passion despite obvious risks."

Oddly, "Million Dollar Baby" seems to fancy itself both realistic and inspirational. Though that film does have its qualities, "Dust to Glory" is not only more realistic (after all, it's a documentary), but also more inspirational, and in my opinion at least as dramatic.

Cameras on helicopters, on motorcycles, on dune buggies, on helmets, the film puts you in the desert, in the landscape and then in the driver's seat. Zip, bump, skid along ruts, sand, silt, dodge drops, local traffic and spectators. Speed is the muscle of the production, but interviews make up the backbone. It's a warm balance that brings a homegrown dusty race in a far away place to a screen just around the corner.

With award moneys less than five grand, these guys and gals aren't revving their engines for monetary gain. It's the grit, the challenge, the passion of living on the edge for 15 to 25 hours. The filmmakers follow favorites, family teams and Mouse. While most vehicles pit stop for oil changes and driver changes, Mouse (Mike McCoy) plans to complete the 1000-mile desert trek solo. It's his motorcycle plight that solidifies the drama of the documentary.

To capture the breadth and excitement of this rugged event, filmmakers deploy more than 50 cameras (from 35mm to Mini-DV).

Click Here for: INTERVIEWS with Mouse, Dana, Scott and Rich.

  • Dust to Glory. Copyright © 2005.
  • Written, Directed and Narrated by Dana Brown.
  • Produced by Scott Waugh & Mike McCoy at Brownwa/Score.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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