A Nature Break
Review by Ross Anthony

This is the first film in the Disneynature series and releasing on "Earth Day." You'll recognize much of the footage from the "Planet Earth" series on Discovery Channel and/or BBC. But don't let that stop you from seeing it on the big screen. It's breathtaking. Really, take a break from that gridlock, concrete and steel jungle that defines most of our lives.

These are some fantastic, won't believe your eyes, animal shots. I spent a year in Kenya and never seen stuff like this. Don't get me wrong, seeing it in person is great -- it is unforgettable. But, I never saw elephants and lions rumble. I certainly never saw two cubs and momma polar bear climb out of hibernation. This polar bear sequence is not to be missed!

Oh, and when the big screen becomes chock full of a flock of white birds, your heart will go all a flutter. Seriously. Or the shark shredding the surface of the beautiful blue ocean with lunch in its mouth - simply awesome.

That said, two improvements could have been made. First, the elephant migration, while interesting, goes kind of sleepy long. Secondly, the wind-up scripting for the narration is tacky hokey. "The cubs track onward keeping in their hearts the bravery of their father." I paraphrase, but my point is, apparently the tikes never met their old man. This is just happy ending story rhetoric that simply doesn't fit the harsh reality of animal life and the truth of the images presented prior.

That said, I liked it. It's nice to have awe in your day. My suggestion, take a nature break and spend a little time getting down to "Earth."

FROM THE PRODUCTION NOTES: Never in the history of cinema have so many resources and so much time been invested in a true life feature film. “EARTH” is the ultimate portrait of our planet, revealing its natural splendors as they have never been seen before. At a time when we are all becoming increasingly aware of global warming and the fragile state of the planet we call home, “EARTH” is a movie of the moment. “I’ve worked on some pretty massive projects in my time,” Fothergill says, “but they’re completely dwarfed by the scale of ‘EARTH.’ In over five years‚ we filmed at over 200 locations in 64 countries worldwide and employed 60 cameramen‚ all of whom are complete experts in their own field. Nobody in the history of cinema has ever had so much time, resources and talent brought together for one true life feature.”

In addition, the production included 250 days of aerial photography, and the final movie features 42 animal species.

As the years pass, more and more of our natural world is dwindling or disappearing. “If we were to make this film in 10 or certainly 20 years’ time, we would not be able to bring the extraordinary images we are bringing to the big screen,” Fothergill says. “So there’s a subtle, yet powerful message behind the film, which aims to encourage those who see ‘EARTH’ to feel compelled to do something to preserve our beautiful but fragile planet.”

In conjunction with the theatrical release of EARTH this Wednesday, Disneynature's "Buy a ticket, Plant a tree" initiative has already led to 500,000 advanced ticket sales. As part of its ongoing pledge and commitment to bring high impact wildlife and environmental films to theaters, Disneynature will plant a tree for everyone who sees EARTH between April 22-28. As of now, 500,000 trees will be planted - but the number is expected to grow!

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  • Earth. Copyright © 2009.
  • Directed by Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield. Narrated by James Earl Jones. Disneynature.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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