2D or Not 2D? That is the Question
Encounter in the Third Dimension

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Review by Ross Anthony

Many of you may have heard about the newer 3D films that have been playing at IMAX theaters. This is the one to see. Encounter offers an education on itself -- the history and techniques of 3-D photography. But don't get the wrong idea -- at every turn twist and protrusion it's a thrilling, learning, theme park ride on (and sometimes off) the screen .

An "absent-minded professor" and hovering mechanical pal (Max) host you through a film that doesn't let you sit back and relax. The professor's 3D presentation of Elvira (yes, the Mistress of the Dark), having yet a few bugs, traps her between the third and second dimensions. So while he's trying to free her from the "second and a half" dimension, hi-tech jokester Max begins the lesson.

In addition to early photo's originally shot in 3D, you'll see a 1903 clip from the very first 3D motion picture, tidbits from the 3D fad of the early '50's, equilibrium-challenging shorts and the 100 foot chrome spider from Universal's T2 in 3D. You won't be thinking ... "Boy these 3-D glasses are goofy" ... you'll be thinking ... "If those steel feelers touch me, there's going to be lawsuits!"

You'll step out of the theater wiser, but nonetheless, wanting to ride it again!

Starring Stuart Pankin & Elvira
Directed by Ben Stassen
Produced by Charlotte Clay Huggins at nWave Pictures n.v.


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Releases at these IMAX theaters...

Feb. 26th (Los Angeles - Cal Sci Center..casciencecntr.org, Edward's Ontario and Irvine)
March 31st (New York - Sony Lincoln Center)
March 31st (Chicago - Regal and Sony Navy Peer)

Check your local paper for other showings.

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