Families of the World
Families of Costa Rica
Review by Ross Anthony

The benefits of English-speaking students seeing how their foreign-born counterparts live around the world are obvious. A plethora of cultural differences season the globe. Opening young minds to the daily lives of kids in different countries gives them a better understanding and appreciation for citizens everywhere. It also encourages kids to see alternative ways of doing things as fun, fruitful and interesting, rather than scary or threatening.

In this installment of the "Families of the World" DVD series, we are introduced to two bright kids from Costa Rica, one rural and one urban. These (2) 15 minute stories are narrated clearly by American kids of similar age. Each segment begins as the day begins, the ten-year-old wakes to start the day. American kids will know the general scenario -- Mom and/or Dad getting ready for work, breakfast, and the trip to school. These similarities are the hook, the differences are the curiosity. What does breakfast look like? How about the bedroom, the kitchens, the domestic animals, the road to school, the school itself? Both kids (one a boy, one a girl) talk about their day with a relaxed, kid-on-the-street demeanor, and they've both got great attitudes about school.

Personally, I found the relaxed technical aspects of the production refreshing. There's nothing flashy -- no snappy animations, or punch transitions -- just great content. In addition to the social and cultural information, seems filmmakers made an effort to include at least one Science Ed topic in each segment. The two included on this reel in sort of a passing teaser are the effect the moon has on tides and the use of solar ovens. Both of these topics integrate seamlessly as part of a "day in the life" of our two students.

Having been to over 30 countries myself and having produced a video series in a similar vein some years back, I expected to do some yawning here. But, in fact, I was glued to the production. If the other installments in this series are of the same quality as "Costa Rica" -- I'd be showing them in my classroom where I you.

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