The Monarch Migration
Flight of the Butterflies in IMAX 3D
Review by Ross Anthony

What a beautiful experience! Sure, it's educational, sure it's compelling, and even well-acted (a rarity in edu-Imax films), but even more than all of that, it's simply visually beautiful.

The film follows Fred and Norah as they endeavor to uncover the destination of eastern America's Monarch winter migration. Their mystery takes decades and thousands of volunteer citizen scientists across Canada, the USA, and eventually Mexico. Filmmakers alight rather fascinating biologically facts about this extraordinary creature upon Fred and Norah's lifelong experiment. The balance of visuals, story, and facts create a flight worthy production. A soaring musical score and apt filmmaking compliment. (Brought to us by the same people who created one of my favorite edu-Imax films of all time "Bugs! 3D." You've got to see that one, too.)

Sadly it would have been virtually impossible to shoot the entirety of this production on Imax 15/70 film, hence lots of high res digital capture was used. And, I suspect, but have no proof, that not all of these gorgeous creatures were actual monarchs. That said, even the CG ones (and maybe a model) look great. In any case, the film gets a strong recommendation from me. Migrate to your local full-fledged IMAX screen and see it!

Showing Through November 24, 2013 at California Science Center IMAX
The California Science Center IMAX® Theater will provide Spanish audio
for audience members who want to experience the film in Spanish.

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  • Directed by Mike Slee. SK Films. Sponsored by USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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