Eat, Drink, and be Lonely
Food Chain
Review by Ross Anthony

"Food Chain" opens with a nervously lonely recently wed young woman. She's worrying herself sick, starved and in a desperate moment calls "Contact" -- a suicide prevention phone service. In a darkened small cut out "window" the contact operator appears with a splash of light. The effect is reminiscent of the old films that would picture in picture to include the "other person on the phone line" in the same frame. This creates a warm nostalgic feel that works great for the act. The conversation strikes our sympathies and funny bones, always compelling. Though, just a dialogue, with one character in fixed position it thoroughly entertains and fills the little theatre.

The second act follows the pattern -- two new characters, no phone, but a dialogue between just two people, with one of them in a similarly desperate demeanor. This time though, it takes some time to warm up to the distraught one. Initially, he's abrasive and annoying (as scripted), but the humor of his desperation (and costume) win us over. It's the third act that goes just a tad awry. Heretofore, the script presents a serious, though altogether possible scenario, with characters that are a bit extreme, we believe it's possible and greatly appreciate the humor. But, the third act turns the tables in favor of farce. The believably factor is tossed out the window and thus the deeper emotive parts of the play are sadly sacrificed.

Overall, a good little play with strong performances -- I enjoyed it.

Here's a line from the first act that really tickled me (I paraphrase): "I was crazy about him, I was inspired to write poem after poem -- untitled 127, untitled 58 and one I haven't thought of a title for yet."

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  • Food Chain. Copyright © 2009.
  • Based on the April 12th, 2009 performance at Raven Playhouse, North Hollywood. Presented by Collaborative Artists Ensemble ( Starring Meg Wallace, Barbara Keegan, Mark Stuver, Dustyn Gulledge, Raymond Parker. Written by Nicky Silver. Directed by Steve Jarrard.

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