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Geeks! The Musical
Review by Ross Anthony

Let me first summarize by saying, "This bunch of geeks made a pretty cool play." Despite, some shortcomings, the production is simply overwhelmingly fun! I had a blast and would easily recommend.

It's got the comic book lover, the Dr. Who purist, the dramatic and dreary goth girl, the passionate fine artist, the whiny critic and even the has-been actor. While these are somewhat caricaturistic portrayals, the intent is more of a loving tease than nasty mockery. The dialogue is crisp and brisk and funny, the songs vibrant and catchy and stitched with the same sort of humor. The "band" is a woman at a piano keyboard and not one of the players has a voice that'll knock you out, but it works! It really works. It's a testament to a solid script, good music, excellent blocking, direction, pace and a great chemistry in the cast.

Some specifics. The opening piano intro is weak. It begs for simple visual action. Perhaps, one of the cast walking about the audience making cartoon sketches of people (how about Tray?). That said, the first half ends mightily by reprising key phrases from earlier songs. However, "I fount it!" should have been the last bit of dialogue. The next phrase weakens trust the audience to pick it up visually. Again, these are just a few rough spots in an otherwise great time of a play.

Some quotes I really enjoyed.
From a song about best-buds:
"When we're old and start to wrinkle, I'll still be Rocky to your Bullwinkle."

But in a later song:
"I'm a sidekick, kicked to the side."

From goth girl:
"Nobody knew me when!"
"You can paint my pain like no one else!"

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  • Geeks! The Musical. Copyright © 2012.
  • Based on the March 8th, 2012 performance at The Write Act Repertory Theatre. Book and Lyrics by Thomas J. Misuraca. Music by Ruth Judkowitz. Directed by Bennett Cohon. Produced by Anne Mesa. Starring Juliette Angeli, Wil Bowers, Jonathan Brett, Redetha Deason, Tyler Koster, Brandon Murphy, Richard Lewis Warren.

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