Big Chilly
God, Sex and Apple Pie
Review by Ross Anthony

I screened this independent on DVD one weekend with 3 friends. We found it reminiscent of "The Big Chill." Four 30-something couples (and a lone postman), all friends from the old neighborhood, meet for a weekend at a scenic cabin in the woods. The script revolves around their current state of life: where they were, where they've come to be and where they're going. Yeah, the film does have some sex, some apple pie and some God - but it's more often in the verbal or implication (even the apple pie, if you let it be a symbol of growing up in America). The chatty dialogue loves debates (political, romantic, self-help, etc).

Rather slow and sticky at the start up. The production has a few pops and sputters in the audio, but is well directed and well written. The editing is pretty smooth. Acting is fair to midland for the most part, with only an occasional dip. That said, the postman gives some strong performances. The filmmakers provide a good build with a defined emotional climax and resolution. Nice enough, watchable, you'll want to know how the conflicts among the group resolve, but truly compelling scenes are limited. Some of the content is quite relevant, and refreshingly frank.

Grades from my 3 friends: B+, B-, C-.

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  • God, Sex and Apple Pie. Copyright © 2004.
  • Starring Greg Wrangler, Penelope Crabtree, Mark Porro, Katy Kurtzman, Jerome Courshon, Andrea Leithe, Steve Rifkin, Maria McCann, Phil Palisoul.
  • Directed by Paul Leaf.
  • Screenplay by Jerome Courshon.
  • Produced by Jerome Courshon & Paul Leaf at Centaur/Brinstone. (c) 2003.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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