Iraq War Vets Speak
The Ground Truth
Review by Ross Anthony

Technically, the production is smooth. The images are crisp, in focus, good resolution, stable. The audio is clear and level. Structurally, the documentary is pretty much a steady flow of interviews with about 15 to 20 veterans who have returned home -- many from the Iraq war, but some from other wars. Some of the Iraq War vets interviewed have returned from the war with major permanent physical injuries. Nearly all of those interviewed speak frankly about their Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The news in the US regarding the Iraq war seems to be quite at the whim of what news sources believe is interesting to us (or worse, entertaining). Our politicians on both sides tend toward the extremes, leaving us all to wonder where the truth lies. Perhaps on the ground in Iraq. And while, unfortunately, this documentary does not include interviews with vets that come back 100% pro-Iraq war, it still does a very good job of presenting the views of soldiers who on our behalf went over to Iraq and fought. They speak with stark honest frankness. They're sincerity is powerful.

The documentary (and soldiers) point out that PTSD isn't necessarily a combat induced disorder, but a trained-to-kill mentality that doesn't go away when soldiers return home.

Here are some interesting quotes from the film's press kit: 35% of Iraq veterans have already sought out mental health services. Over 18,000 U.S. wounded have been recorded since the war began. According to the National Priorities Project, the $150 billion spent on Iraq reconstruction could have provided over 7 million students 4-yr University Scholarships, or fully funded global anti-hunger efforts for 6 years, or ensured that every child in the world basic immunizations for 51 years.

The film was produced in association with:
Veterans for Peace. National Veterans Foundation. Military Families Speak Out. Iraq Veterans Against the War. Veterans For Peace. Veterans for America. Gold Star Families for Peace. Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

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  • The Ground Truth. Copyright © 2006.
  • Directed by Patricia Foulkrod.
  • Produced by Patricia Foulkrod at Focus Features.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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