Ian Anderson
Homo Erraticus CD/DVD
Review by Ross Anthony

(This review is based on the CD/DVD set that accompanies the tour -- not a performance.) Ian Anderson: iconic rock flute player. As a flute player myself, his style still echoes in my head when I play. That fluttering tongue, that commanding attack over melody -- I'm aiming for that, thanks to Ian for making it all so plainly clear how a flute can rival an electric guitar.

Of course, many will recall "Aqualung," but it's "Locomotive Breath" that gets my attention every time. I bought a few Jethro Tull albums back in the day, but lost touch for a few decades. And now Homo Erraticus . It's really quite uncanny how little his sound has changed from the days of Tull, especially the quainter stuff like "Thick as a Brick."

Homo Erraticus is a wonderful whirl of electric guitar and flute blending along melodies with keyboards rocking out rhythms backed with drums. The formula works, but I could have used a few more songs that strayed dangerously away from it on this collection. "Enter the Uninvited" does, and even "Cold Dead Reckoning" despite the slightly repetitious keyboard rhythm. Those moments of "defecting" are stirring. He's such an amazing musician and creative force, I'd love to hear more of that straying.

As for the DVD, it gets better. It's starts out rather raw and rough and frankly not that interesting apart from the stage show - but it marches and marches on - gaining more substance like a snowball down a white mountain. The integration of symbols, fascinating footage from yesteryear and timing make an interesting collage backdrop for a live stage tour, but for those of us who haven't seen the show -- they're no substitute.

That said, the extras on the DVD are worth the having. First, "Enter the Uninvited" played live with the collage backdrop -- it makes sense now, in retrospect. Second, and interview with Ian. Well, it's really more of a monologue. This is Ian at the most relaxed I'd ever seen him. He let's his hair down, and since he hasn't much hair any more, I'm really talking about his "big stage voice." Instead of calling on that big voice, Ian sits on a bench on a beautiful day, probably outside his home with his son shooting video a tad on the over-exposed side, talking frankly and personally, warmly, and intimately about what kind of thinking, planning, and technology went into the making of the Homo Erraticus tour. You'll enjoy that.

If some how you're new to Ian here's a link to wonderful live solo on Locomotive breath -- the whole piece is great, but Ian's solo at 4:55 rocks!

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