Celebrity Pitfalls
I Love Your Work
Review by Ross Anthony

A stylized look at the intersection of celebrity and reality. Or more to the film's point, the destruction of reality via celebrity. Giovani Ribisi plays the fictional Gray Evans - a high profile movie star in modern day.

As the public's eye focuses ever closer on Gray and his high life, Gray senses the loss of simplicity and purity only found in anonymity. He's too immature to come to terms with it directly, so he seeks it out in abnormal, psychotic ways.

Ribisi is awesome. Franka Potente is also very strong. The direction, writing and texture of the film are splendid, despite the dark nature of the film. So much about the production feels very fresh and honest. Unfortunately, rounding into the third act the picture gets stuck in third gear, it has trouble keeping interest in the last stretch to the finish line. And, I found the wrap-up rather unsatisfying, especially after enduring the sluggish last act.

Still, the film takes a crisp impressionistic look at stardom indirectly/directly pointing out the allure of being common.

Writer/Director Goldberg says about the impetuous for the story, "I sat alone in my dressing room one day sifting through the largely impersonal stack of mail when I came upon a letter with a return address which wasn't far from where I lived. Suddenly I was struck by a fantasy: What if I showed up on this unsuspecting fan's doorstep and hand-delivered my autograph? What if my curiosity regarding the anonymous letter writer became an obsession?"

  • I Love Your Work. Copyright © 2005.
  • Starring Giovanni Ribisi, Christina Ricci, Vince Vaughn, Franka Potente, Joshua Jackson.
  • Directed by Adam Goldberg.
  • Screenplay by Adam Golderg and Adrian Butchart.
  • Produced by Chris haley and David Hillary at ThinkFilms.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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