Stand and Deliver
Review by Ross Anthony

Even as far away on the continent as Kenya, locals referred to Nelson Mandela as a man and a half. Back in the 90's, I spent a year in Africa. Some of my Kenyan friends showed obvious and unrestrained respect for Mandela, that impressed me to learn a bit more about the man. Just a little research revealed that in a world of men disinterested in leading with integrity, he stands out. Even back here in the States, young people would more often quote Barkley, "I don't get paid to be a role model…" than Victorian poetry, "I am the captain of my soul." Learned elders and even hardworking Joes would likely shake their heads and curse the shame of all this apathy. But Mandela searched for opportunity. He saw the allure of sports celebrity and redirected its energy toward a humanitarian cause.

Invictus is the name of that Victorian poem, the one that gave Mandela strength to endure decades in a prison cell. But, Invictus, the movie, is not about prison, nor the struggle that preceded his presidency. It's about Mandela and his nation's Rugby team. Other stories are thankfully touched upon, but are only teasers. In fact, the film so squarely focuses on this one idea, that as a cinematic enterprise it does not enjoy the triumph of its chosen historical account. Slow, and subtle, smiling brightly, the picture wins audiences with the charm of Mandela. And with the charm of Mandela it cajoles forgiveness for its own limitations. But, Eastwood is unable to give the arc much ascent. Damon aggressively conquers the accent, but has little scripting to bring much character to his character. We like him, but aren't invested enough.

Lastly, although the genius of Mandela's plan is more about unity than Rugby, the end of the film becomes more about Rugby than unity. Still, in all, this is a valiant effort. I hope it inspires people of all countries, races, ages, to look more into this hero of our time -- this man and a half.

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  • Invictus. Copyright © 2009.
  • Starring Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, Clint Eastwood. Directed by Clint Eastwood. Screenplay by Anthony Peckham. Produced by Lori McCreary, Robert Lorenz, Mace Neufeld at Warner Bros.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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