Parenting Your Parents
It's Not a Burden
Review by Ross Anthony

This film follows real families as they care for their elder parents dealing with the challenges of aging and dementia. It's done unflinchingly and with good humor and love, but it does go long. A twenty minute version of this material would make an excellent conversation springboard for middle-aged siblings to start a discussion of how to begin planning for this tricky stage in family life where navigating becomes precarious, the child becomes the parent.

I watched it with a friend who had been a caretaker for her dying husband. She agreed that this material would work well as a conversation primer on the topic, but was rather frank in stating that in cutting out the very ugly parts of caretaking, this documentary wasn't telling the whole truth.

All of that said, I appreciated most of the film and would encourage the filmmakers to make available various versions. The footage is honest and presented well. At the risk of repeating myself, I think a 15-35 minute version would be very very useful.

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  • It's Not a Burden . Copyright © 2021.
  • Written and Directed by Michelle Boyaner.

Grade..........................B (2/4)

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