Visceral & Vile
Jackass 3D
Review by Ross Anthony

Cinema is getting expensive these days. So often you feel like you're not getting enough bang for your buck. However, seeing a guy wearing nearly only feathers, jettisoned over a lake just to be riddled by paintballs ... that's worth at least 3 bucks right there. Or how about watching some guy block a professional kickers punt with his face? Easily another 3 bucks. Or Knoxville flipped into the air after taking a bull charge to the chest? I think you'll feel that these guys earn your admission ticket.

Among other highlights you'll witness a volleyball filled with bees knocked around by two idiots wearing only underwear. And as I said, the bull ram, but there's also a satisfying buffalo ram, and of course, the ram ram. The airplane jet scene rocks! I also enjoyed the duck hunt, the bungee porta-potty, and the Santa tree ride. But if these aren't gross enough for you, don't worry, there are plenty of truly disgusting stints, vile enough to get the cameramen puking. I could easily have done without these. Alas, a great American once said, "I may not agree with what you have to film, but I'll defend to the death your right to film it!" (Errr, I adapted that quote to the topic at hand). Anyway, if you prefer not to look (as I did) to the nauseating main action, try keeping an eye on the reactions of the others on film. Their expressions of shock are perhaps even more precious.

As for the 3D, to my surprise, it's pretty good. Granted, it doesn't come in your face (thankfully). But, it's relatively sharp, no ghosting, and the oculars on. I expected far worse. Further, the sound and mixing are also incredibly respectable. Oh, and the slow-mo sequences look extraordinary! Absolutely fascinating to watch what facial flesh does when taking an unexpected high velocity blow. Although, to be fair, some of the scenes are only 2D (midget fight scene, for example).

Jackass 3DAll in all, Knoxville loves the visceral video. Despite the pain, these guys are having fun. If you're up for a plot, go elsewhere, but if you just want to be shocked, surprised, and impressed with how much unpleasantness the human body can actually take -- see the film. It might be just the thing to knock you out of your blue mood.

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  • Jackass 3D. Copyright © 2010.
  • Starring Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Stephen 'Steve-O' Glover, Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, Preston Lacy, Chris Pontius, Danger Ehren, Dave England. Directed by Jeff Tremaine at Paramount Pictures/MTV Films.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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