Planting the Seed
The Johnny Appleseed Festival
Review by Ross Anthony

Ft. Wayne, Indiana -- September, 2003:

The website claims that the festival attracts 200k people each year; I'm not so sure about that, but certainly tens of thousands. The grounds are spread out and friendly, the weather couldn't have been better ... sunny, 85. Their website seems to be more of a vendor control center and visitors might be confused about what rules apply to the vendors and which to them. Relax, most importantly, there is no admission for the visitors and there is no one checking what you wear. Come as you like; though it would be fun to wear the garb of the day.

While the website implies that the festival will be strictly 1800 something, that isn't strictly true. Though some sections are very heartily period pieces ... the campsite of civil war soldier for example is extremely authentic -- you'll feel like you've walked right out this century and back in time. I highly suggest that you watch the cannons fire. Of course, you'll hear them wherever you are on the grounds, but standing there, holding your ears, and feeling the compression against your body... that's worth more than your daily shot of Java.

Folks are squarely friendly and are happy to answer your questions regarding various crafts of the period, spinning yarn or operating a chair leg lathe, etc.

  • The Johnny Appleseed Festival. Copyright © 2003.

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