70's Groove
Licorice Pizza
Review by Ross Anthony

While Magnolia continues to be one of my favorite films of all time, sadly, Licorice Pizza is not even close. The first quarter of the film enjoys a 70's sheen that tickles those of us who remember the striped shirts, and shaggy hair cuts. I loved it. And the introduction of these quirky characters is fresh and exciting and simply fun. I chuckled often at their interactions and at the recreation of the era. Paul Thomas Anderson is an excellent filmmaker and the leads deliver great performances. It is also a beautifully lit film.

However, these characters become less fun and less easy to root for as the film meanders on. Perhaps, PTA never intended to include a build in drama or intensity or ... I don't know, I just felt the film was a series of rather quirky events that didn't add up. Perhaps there was a joke I was missing. Nonetheless, it seems to me, none of the characters grow much. It still hosts clearly fun moments, but the engagement factor wanes as the film progresses.

SPOILER: And then there's the ending (last minute or two of the film). Was this something insisted upon by the money people? It so doesn't fit the tone of the film. Perhaps a better ending would have been to cut to black just as the two nearly collide.

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  • Licorice Pizza. Copyright © 2022.
  • Starring Alana Haim, Cooper Hoffman, Sean Penn, Tom Waits, Bradley Cooper. Written and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. MGM.

Grade..........................B- (1.5/4)

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