Magical Mystery Tour
Review by Ross Anthony

Magical Mystery Tour -- really, there isn't a more apropos name for this piece. It has elements of Monty Python's Flying Circus, Benny Hill, and even Harold and Maude. It's absolutely not to be taken seriously. It's just silly fun. It certainly won't win any awards as a cinematic work, but if you're a Beatles fan, you'll have a great time. After all, it was conceived, written, directed, acted, and shot by the Beatles themselves. (That said, thank God, a real editor edited the darn thing.) The end result is a frolic. A team of musical geniuses dabbling in another art form for the shear fun of it. Even during its more dull moments (car race, Blue Jay Way), it still emits a charming naiveté. And it's interesting to see what the Beatles thought would be cool on film even if it failed to be all that cool. Anyway, the actual film is only half the reason (or less) to get this disc. The extra features are really the features. Come on, what self-respecting Beatles fan wouldn't want to take the Magical Mystery Tour with Director Paul McCartney giving the commentary through the entire duration?

And that's not even the best part. The Making of is a short documentary full of interviews with individual Fab members and others involved. It gives great insight and includes footage cut from the film (some of which was as good or better). But there's way more to amuse you, whole sequences which were cut are individually included. I'm Going in A Field, by Ivor Cutler-- is the oddest weirdest bit. If you're willing to not take it seriously, I think it'll tickle you in the strangest places.

Anyway, I had a great time with this disc. The sound is very good and, as a Beatles fan myself, I can't believe I'd never seen the Your Mother Should Know sequence. It's a blast. The Beatles cast themselves in a sort of home-film version of a big Hollywood Production number, white suits and all.

"It turned out to be a wacky, impromptu romp that puzzled a few people at the time." Paul

And Ringo got to drive the bus!

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  • Magical Mystery Tour. Copyright © 2012/1967 .
  • Starring: Beatles. Written by: Beatles. Director: Paul McCartney. Director of Photography: Richard Starkey. Apple Films.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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