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Mystic India (Large Format)
Review Review by Ross Anthony

This film endeavors to show off some of India through an enchanting and spiritual journey of a 12-year-old boy. Neelkanth is a Yogi, a disciplined learner and teacher of the non-violent spiritual ways of mystic India. One rainy night Neelkanth wakes, leaves his family alone, barely clothed, he embarks on an 8000 mile journey around India. The child actor who plays Neelkanth is completely endearing.

The film follows Neelkanth from village to village along the awesome Himalayas and into many a cultural festival. The IMAX format is used well to show the massive populations enjoying the colorful festivals. However, the few attempts to make screen-size mosaics of face and temple photo-stills fail as stagnant and hokey. The film stumbles into the hokey on a couple more occasions: little Neelkanth with bunnies and butterflies, and then some narration that hits visuals with cliches a little too hard.

Still, though not as powerfully cinematically as other LF productions, "India" has a warm inspirational spiritual heart that makes it worth seeing. I left the theater eager to scratch open projects I'd let get dusty in the back corners of my mind.

Peter O'toole's narration feels a bit sleepy. Though he's an impressive British actor, wouldn't a talented Indian narrator have made more sense?

(Yogis are special individuals who undertake a journey to attain a deep understanding of the existence of life. In the process, they develop amazing powers of body and mind through the means of yoga and self-discipline.)

  • Mystic India (Large Format). Copyright © 2005.
  • Narrated by Peter O'toole.
  • Directed by Keith Melton.
  • Produced by BAPS Care interational. (BAPS is acultral organization that works win consultative status with the United nations. They promote educatioal, cultural, hmanitarian and ecologiclvalues.)

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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