Vivid Vistas
Natural Wonders of the World
Review by Ross Anthony

The program started at least 10 minutes late. An enthusiastic Caltech grad student introduced prior and reflected on the film after. She was well intended, but used the adjectives "Really neat" to express herself often.

The film was both absolutely fascinating and sleepy at the same time. Was it the pace? The narration? I don't know, I would almost nod off, but then shake my head and open my eyes wide for the impressive vistas captured nicely on film here. Truly, even the scripted tidbits of info were very interesting. I can't explain the sleepiness, save it was there. Else, simply spectacular. I've had the good fortune to see some of the wonders in person, but they were still nicely presented here. Further, the film inspired me to see the great barrier reef in Australia.

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