Review by Ross Anthony

August 7, 2004 Santa Barbara, Del Mar Plaza.
Six piece jazz, rock, Jamaican, African mix. If you like David Matthews you'll love these guys.

Mostly good fun. Tight solid music with great rhythm. These guys know each other in and out. The electric guitar player simply rips. His leads weave in and out of Jamaican and classic rock, he's fluid; he puts himself into his leads and takes the audience with him. The front man (and band's namesake) also jams with great joy, enthusiasm, musicianship, skill and rhythm. His lyrics and acoustic guitar are the backbone of the band. I was disappointed that the otherwise perfect mix, often left his guitar rhythms way too low on volume. I made mention to the sound guy once -- and it helped, but not enough. There were plenty of times I could see this guy play and not hear that acoustic guitar in the mix. Too bad too, he can really get his body into the groove of the strumming. When I did hear it, it was wonderful. Vocally, ... well I'm not that fond of David Matthews voice either.

All the guys are musicians, real musicians, but I should also make mention of the bassist. Though his solo waned, his taste and touch on that 5 string bass, added great flavor to a tasty texture. Speaking of texture, the band could benefit from taking some musical vacations from its rather consistent rich texture.


  • NIKHIL KORULA: the NKBand. Copyright © 2004.
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