2004 Academy Award-Nominated
Oscar Shorts
Review by Ross Anthony

Red Jacket(Live Action)
Impressive in it's scope and hardware: UN troops in Saravejo...wow. A syrupy sweet follow-up after some very harsh realities of war.
Directed by Florian Baxmeyer, Germany, 18 min. B/B+

Harvey Krumpet (Animation) (WINNER!)
Awesome animation. Subtle, understated (1000 words with just one blink of an eye). Sweet, very quirky, the film is not afraid to be abrasive or taboo, in the same breath as cutesy.
Directed by Adam Elliot, Australia, 22 min. B+/A-

Torsion (Live Action)
An amateur choir in Sarajevo is delayed on its way out via a secret underground tunnel. Despite bombings, they stop to calm a cow giving birth. Sweet. B+
Directed by Stefan Arsenijevic, Slovenia, 14:30 min. B+

Nibbles (Animation)
Nibbles gives the word "consumer" new meaning. Though the thrust of this short is a fishing trip, the father and sons are more like piranhas themselves chomping bits at every food stop along the way. A human feeding frenzy punctuated by car sounds, an equally hungry mosquito and an occasion gas guzzling pit stop. Quick, fun, absurd and yet, poignant.
Directed by Chris Hinton, Canada, 4:30 min. A-

Squash (Live Action)
A couple of businessmen use a game of squash to sharpen their deal making skills. Shot entirely on a squash court. Some nice camera dodging shots, great sound (considering the environment), solid acting, and an engaging conflict start to finish. Unique, and skillfully done.
Directed by Lionel Bailliu, France, 27 min. A-

Perpetual Motion (Bonus Reel)
Wow, this is fun. Visual thinkers set in motion an idea that couldn't possibly work, but thinking that it might is like catnip to a kitten. Anyway, with animation -- anything is possible. Horsepower? Forget that, pass the jam and let's get a car with 3.5 cat power (more with preserves).
(2003 Student Academy Award winner for best animated short.)
Directed by Kimberly Miner, USA, 1.5 min. A-

2004 Academy Award-Nominated Oscar Shorts. Copyright © 2004.

Oscar Shorts begin running at Laemmle Theatres on April 9, 2004. At The Sunset 5 in West Hollywood and the Playhouse 7 in Pasadena. Ticket prices at the Sunset are $9.50 for general admission and $7.50 for students and $6.50 for seniors citizens and children, $9, $7 and $6 at the Playhouse. Moviegoers may call 323-848-3500 or 626-844-6500 for show-time information. www.Laemmle.com


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