Caltech Presents David Goodstein
Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil
Review by Ross Anthony

Goodstein takes to the lecture with a sort of calm enthusiasm. Though his stature sports no great gestures or demonstrative passion, his wit, intelligence and comedic sarcasm keep the lecture compelling for the hour duration. Though brief, Goodstein seldom takes a breath and never varies the pace, which starts brisk, continues brisk and ends brisk. With a topic already immensely interesting and at the very least pertinent, a standing room only crowd applauds enthusiastically. And at $24 bucks a pop, David sells pert-near 100 books afterward.

Was what he said true? Are any of his predictions worth their weight in fossil fuel? I don't know, but it sure sounded possible to this lay person with an interest in physics. And, if he was a crackpot, you've got to give him credit for spewing his thoughts in front of some of the nations sharpest scientists at Caltech campus.

So, I highly recommend it. Goodstein's theme -- we're running out of gas!

Wednesday October 13, 2004, Beckman Auditorium. Part of CalTech Presents "Earnest C. Watson Lecture Series"

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