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Review by Ross Anthony

Admittedly, I didn't expect much from a 1950's small town Kansas romance play, but "Picnic" picked me up and pulled me in. I enjoyed the interesting dance of control and horse-play between the two male leads. A universal balance of power and love also plays out between mother and daughter. The old widow Mrs. Potts completes the generational spread while providing a surprising freshness in her spirit and good humor. Actually, Sierra Madre's cast is solid and affecting. That said, l'd have rather seen the Millie character played straight, that is, minus the cartoony voice.

The play is directed well and has a light breezy pace while hosting a strong arc. The quaint homey set design and costuming are also perfectly appropriate. Overall, this cozy play is a pleasure -- light & funny with serious moments. Sierra Madre Playhouse is a warm venue fittingly nestled in the foothills of one of LA's "small town" suburbs.

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  • Picnic. Copyright © 2009.
  • March 07, 2009 performance at Sierra Madre Playhouse. Written by William Inge and directed by Bob Hakman. Starring Sandra Hakman, Allen Cutler, Elise Gould, S. Taylor, Amanda Arbues, Fran McCreary, Nancy Lantis, Jon Snow, Melody McCormick, Donna Ieraci, Jack Chansler.

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