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The film starts slow, awkwardly attempting to create an awkward mood. Characters in the picture laugh at lines that arenít so funny. ďHeís so funny.Ē One of them said twice about a guy who I didnít find that funny. And although the film does have a moment or two or three that cajoled a laugh from me, its first problem, for a romantic comedy, it isnít really all that funny.

The second problem is the film meanders in search of a form. It struggles to create an emotional arc, and without one finds climaxing difficult. Then instead of resolving, the story flip-flops its central romantic relationship in an unfulfilled attempt to propel or create sympathy for the characters.

Yet a third problem, the acting isnít all that spectacular. Streep, has obvious talent, but doesnít shine here. Greenberg, as the male lead, canít quite break out of average and Uma, though she gives the strongest performance of the three, just canít smooth out all the imperfections in script and story.

Lastly, no one is all that likeable. I tried, but I never connected with this film. My girlfriend had more patience with it than I, but after an hour and a half we were both just looking forward to the credit roll.

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  • Prime. Copyright © 2006.
  • Starring Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep, Bryan Greenberg, Jon Abrahams.
  • Written and Directed by Ben Younger.
  • Produced by Jennifer Todd, Suzanne Todd at Universal/Stratus.

Grade..........................C (0.5/4)

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