Pi in the Sky Dreams
Review by Ross Anthony

Four good actors, a Chicago brick set, lovely venue - these are all the givens for this “Proof.”

The first couple of scenes survived some bumps and sputters as if the actors and their lines were negotiating a tempo or common protocol, like the old telephone modems’ audible handshaking. The appearance of the older sister clinched the handshaking; from then on the play was in sync and warmly engaging. While a few nice surprise twists were written in to invoke a silent audience gasp throughout, I wasn’t quite emotionally impacted until the “Father in the Cold” scene moved me to tears.

A math geek myself, and from Chicago yet, I enjoyed a few inside remarks. The “imaginary number” joke certainly got a giggle out of me. In fact, the play itself happily maintained a light sense of humor. There’s also an alluring little love story woven into this production which mainly focuses on the serious issues of care-taking and relatives with mental stability issues.

Two flashback scenes are used without warning, they work well, but the overall structure of the play feels a bit incomplete. Perhaps that’s because of the rather abrupt tone-changing ending. I felt an opportunity was missed to script a weightier conclusion.

As a side note, I was mildly distracted by the AC fan hum. I wonder if it’s possible to run the fan only during scene changes and intermissions. Despite this common venue problem, I still quite enjoy the Sierra Madre Theatre.

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  • Proof. Copyright © 2009.
  • June 20, 2009 performance at Sierra Madre Playhouse. Written by David Auburn. Directed by Barbara Schofield. Starring Alesa B. Gantz, J.P. Bumstead, Chris K. Payne, Laurie Naughton Okin. Produced by Ward Calaway, Christine Soldate. For reservations, call (626) 355-4318 or reserve online: SierraMadrePlayhouse.org

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