The Family Addiction
Rachel Getting Married
Review by Ross Anthony

The first 20 minutes of this film annoyed me greatly. Perhaps I just wasn't ready to see the light bubbly Anne Hathaway play a dark, ornery, recovering addict. I'm glad that she was nominated by the academy, but I simply wasn't blown out of the water by her performance here. Clearly stronger acting was done by Rosemary Dewitt, Tunde Adembimpe and Bill Irwin. Hathaway is a good actress, but I really don't understand the fuss over her in this role.

Nonetheless, good thing I stuck around, because I was blown out of water by the direction. There are a few scenes in this picture that drew me in like a crystal blue ocean on a hot humid day. Director Jonathan Demme gives us two or three family gathering scenes that make us feel like one of the family. I swear, I think he snuck a camera into a real reception and then cut away to his actors. I really think he did that.

Further, lush, rich, cultural music is interwoven into those already fresh and alive scenes. These moments are treasures -- emotive, moving, engulfing. Nor are they truncated, despite a bit of favorable imbalance, the filmmakers let these moments ride -- and thankfully so! (Reminded me of the European film Celebration.)

The rest of the film isn't too bad either.

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  • Rachel Getting Married. Copyright © 2008.
  • Starring Anne Hathaway, Debra Winger, Bill Irwin, Rosemarie DeWitt, Anna Deavere Smith, Tunde Adebimpe, Mather Zickel, Anisa George. Directed by Jonathan Demme.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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