Fuel for Thought
Revenge of the Electric Car
Review by Ross Anthony

Chris Paine has amazing access to the biggest players. It’s so up close and personal with these guys that the doc runs this risk of being more about them than the electric car. But that’s okay, because they are fascinating people. Ironically, the small guys in the game are almost completely un-accessed. Yes, Paine paints in Greg “Gadget” Abbot retrofitting old cars in his “backyard,” but this story line is far less about his biz than about the tragic events that make this venture harrowing.

Now, I need to say that I really like this doc. I just feel it lacks perspective on what’s happening on the grassroots side of things. Security guards, accountants, engineers, construction workers all around the world are converting their own beaters just to do it. I want to know if this is enough for the revolution of which Paine speaks? I want to know costs! I can’t believe Paine leaves costs out of the picture. Which leads me to another blaring omission … where are the consumers? Danny Devito’s a nice guy, I like him, but he’s not Joe Average. I want anecdotal and statistical research into what consumers want/need before they’ll buy an electric car.

I searched the net and was surprised to find that the VOLT and LEAF are both selling for 30-35k. Of course that’s better than the 100+ Tesla, but it’s still not inexpensive enough to win the hearts and minds of “the people.” The working class has decent, even relatively high-mileage cars to choose from at the 15-20k range. That’s where the electric car needs to be. Why isn’t it priced there? I want to know! Why wasn’t I told that in this documentary?

Also, objectivity is out the window since Paine himself owns a Tesla. But, I must admit, that tidbit makes for one of the most precious moments in the picture. Further, according to the press notes, Greg Abbot is his neighbor. So, maybe Paine's not an unbiased documentarian, but fortunately he’s a very entertaining one.

Btw, my informal research also indicated that sales of Leaf and Volt languished sadly way behind Prius which, despite its bad press, is out selling them both combined times three. And why not? It’s a hybrid, it won’t just stop on you and it’s 5-7k less. And in 2012 -- it’ll be a plug-in hybrid! Oh yeah!

IMHO: I’m a HUGE proponent of alternative fuels. We’ve got to move away from oil! But, practically speaking, we need to make electric cars priced competitively with the Ford Aveo or Honda Fit or Kia if we even want to think of revolution. Otherwise, we need to wait for a MAJOR battery breakthrough … or… those grass-rooters???

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  • Revenge of the Electric Car. Copyright © 2011.
  • “Starring” Elon Musk, Bob Lutz, Carlos Ghosn. Directed and Written by Chris Paine. Produced and Written by P.G. Morgan. Narrated by Tim Robbins. WestMidWest Productions LLC.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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