A French Drama on the Big Screen
The Secret Canyon (Rough Cut)
Review by Ross Anthony

I screened the rough cut which I found surprisingly dialogue driven for a large format film. Whereas the narratives of many large format films often feel manufactured, this story line is sweet and fulfilling -- and feels far more cinematic. While the visuals are also calmly grand, it's the story that floats along the winding river bubbling through the bottom of Gorges du Verdon in the South of France. A young man makes a replica canoe and follows the route of the canyon's first recorded expedition which was in 1905.

I believe this film was made to be played at the visitor center. It's engaging and will definitely leave you interested in visiting

It's in French, but the version I screened had been dubbed in English. The dubbing was a bit stiff, I don't know if that will be true in the final version. But, despite the dub, it's still endearing.

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  • The Secret Canyon. Copyright © 2016.
  • Produced by Camera Lucida Productions.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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