Rich Man Poor Man
Review Review by Ross Anthony

An interesting piece. I'm actually a big fan of the old Steve Martin ("Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," "The Jerk" "Lonely Guy" -- I loved 'em.). I've become less and less impressed, wondering where his special something slipped away to. Anyway, I'm happy to say I like Shopgirl. I like the script (with exceptions). And I love the direction. The acting is quite strong as well. Heck I'd probably be unconditionally praising hadn't the production included a few troublesome elements.

The voice over. VO is risky business by its nature, a filmmaker better have a pretty darn good reason to use it. And here, I did not see that motive. Flatly 80% of the VO content, had already been artfully and cleverly portrayed on screen. Therefore, such content was redundant and distracting. Further, the fact that Steve Martin voices the "over" makes it even more unpalatable. I think a straight, deadpan delivery by the Jeremy character (Jason Schwartzman) would have worked so much better, that is, if the filmmakers simply could not part with the VO.

The other distraction: a sort of incredible coincidence that brings 5 characters into the same location for no other purpose than apparent comic relief and a red herring type manipulation. It adds nothing to the picture while subtracting from its mastery.

Still, though unable to dodge these important imperfections, the film is still strong.

(I love the fake hands reaching up -- empty, but reaching.) Lastly, if you like Jason Schwartzman (he's great) check him out in a wonderful odd film: I Heart Huckabees

  • Steamboy. Copyright © 2005.
  • Starring Claire Danes, Jason Schwartzman, Steve Martin.
  • Directed by Anand Tucker.
  • Screenplay by Steve Martin Based on his Novella.
  • Produced by Ashok Amritraj Jon Jashni Steve Martin at Touchstone.

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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