Science, Sound, Spirit
Song of the New Earth
Review by Ross Anthony

The spirit world, the rational world, like yin-yang swirling, creating a force, a tension, that expands both. Perhaps it's this friction that brings forth such visceral sounds capable of rattling up spirits, and soothing the ills. Tom Kenyon is an amalgam of science and the religions of the world… both sides of the brain pumping alongside spirit in creation or revelation (you decide) of powerful stories into which the film's animators aptly draw you with simplicity and energy. The story of the "Song of the New Earth" is the most intense, dramatic, and stirring.

Earthy, unusual, monk-like songs resonate in and out of Tom creating contemplative, meditative segues between the stories which essentially unravel Tom's winding life journey. I found both fascinating, save for a few too many shots of red/white light across the ocean, and more than just a few shaky overexposed takes of Tom relating his tale. But the later could be forgiven because the sound is clean enough and Tom charms one story after the other.

If you suspect there's more to life than the company line, give Tom's story a listen. It may or may not ring true for you, but perhaps his song will cajole a step along the unique spiritual journey that's awaiting you at this current moment.

-- Books by Ross Anthony, Author/Illustrator --

  • Song of the New Earth. Copyright © 2014.
  • Director Ward Serrill, New York Times animator Drew Christie and Co-Producer Betsy Chasse of "What the Bleep Do We Know!?"

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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