CalTech presents
Tango & Fire: Historias De Amor
Review by Ross Anthony

Iím a musician myself, but Iím certainly no expert on dance. That said, my girlfriend and I, over the summer, decided to learn to tango. So we were excited to check out Tango & Fire playing at the Beckman Auditorium at CalTech.

I know very little about the tango, except that apparently itís quite a passionate endeavor. But unfortunately for this performance, the fire mentioned in the title, seemed to be found almost exclusively in the band. These guys are hot! A fiery Latin jazz blended with spices of folk and classical, Adroverís Quintet includes: violin, bass, guitar, piano, and bandoneon (squeeze box). The instruments were perfectly micíd and the acoustics rang crisp in the Beckman. The music was brisk, alive, tight, and textured nicely. Lisandro Adrover composed all the music and lead the quintet on the bandoneon.

Unfortunately, the dance could not match the musicís level of intensity. In fact, besides a spark here and there, the only piece that spoke with the passion Iíd expected was ďBeginning of LoveĒ with Miriam Larici & Hugo Patyn. Though theme costumes and stories were integrated in some of the dances, they did not ring true Ė felt hokey. As I said, Iím not an expert on dance, but my advice to the dancers would be to think less about the step and more about the reason for it.

Lastly, this is primarily a music and dance act, there are no words save for some recorded narration. However, the recorded narration is rather unconvincing both in script and presentation. And the pre-recorded echo just doesnít work Ė at least not in a venue the size of Beckman.

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  • Tango & Fire: Historias De Amor. Copyright © 2006.
  • Created and Directed by Miriam Larici & Hugo Patyn.
  • Adroverís Quintet: Lisandro Adrover, Mario Carlos Araolaza, Miguel Angel Bertero, Domingo Jose Diani, Rafael Antonio Nicolau.
  • Based on the Oct 13th, 2006 performance at CalTechís Beckman Auditorium.

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