Family Bonds
That Way Madness Lies
Review by Ross Anthony

Sandra Luckow does an amazing job of assembling footage from so many parts of her family life. The footage and access she has is absolutely stunning. So often documentaries like these are patched together with stock footage. Sandra has moving footage shot by herself, her brother (the subject), even the court artist drawings where powerfully emotional. The whole family is fascinating: the mother makes beautiful miniature houses, the father restores vintage vehicles and built and flew a mini-helicopter, Sandra was a "professional" ventriloquist and her brother is a gifted machinist/car-restorer and filmmaker.

Sandra's production compellingly draws us into this creative happy family as mental illness slowly chips away at its stability. We watch and worry, while hoping for the best as the brother and sister navigate this disease and the thorny and dangerous circumstantial, logistic, and legal issues that arise because of it. A rather direct, unflinching look into an issue that begs better policy solutions than our government currently grants. The film is an important, difficult step toward awareness, understanding, and rethinking. Powerfully organized and edited.

  • That Way Madness Lies. Copyright © 2018.
  • Directed by Sandra Luckow.

Grade..........................A (3.5/4)

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